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Wegovy® Weight Loss


Wegovy Weigh Loss Pen?

    wegovy pen

    Each package contains one package leaflet and four wegovy® pens of the same strength.

    Your Wegovy weight loss pen is only to be used once. It comes with:

    • one pre-set dose.

    • a needle cover that hides the built-in needle before, during and after use.

    • automatic dosing that starts when the needle cover is pressed against your skin. During dosing, a yellow bar will appear in the pen window. Do not lift the pen before the yellow bar has stopped moving. If you do, the automatic dosing will continue, but you may not receive your full dose. The needle cover will lock when the pen is removed from your skin. You cannot pause the injection and restart it later.

    • People who are blind or have vision problems should not use wegovy® weight loss penwithout help from a person trained to use wegovy®.

    How much wegovy do I need?

    wegovy dosage escalation schedule

    The Wegovy weight loss pen starting dose is 0.25 mg subcutaneously, SC, on the same day each week for4 weeks.

    You should increase the dose as indicated every 4 weeks until the full maintenance dose of 2.4 mg is reached.

    By the start of the fifth month you should be on the maximum maintenance dose.

    start wegovy

    1-4 weeks ı 0.25 mg SC once a week, on the same day each week, for 4 weeks

    step up wegovy

    5-8 weeks ı 0.5 mg SC once a week for 4 weeks

    9-12 weeks ı 1.0 mg SC once weekly for 4 weeks

    13-16 weeks ı 1.7 mg SC once weekly for 4 weeks

    stay wegovy

    Week 17 onwards ı 2.4 mg SC once a week on the same day each week

    Where do I inject Wegovy weight loss pen?

    Choose an injection site in one of the body areas indicated below. You can choose your upper arms, upper legs or stomach (keep a 5 cm distance from your belly button). You may inject in the same body area each week, but make sure it is not in the same spot as used the last time.

    When administering wegovy, the Wegovy weight loss pen should be pressed firmly against the skin until the yellow bar has stopped moving. The injection takes about 5–10 seconds.

    Saxenda - self-injectable pen can be used in the upper arm, abdomen or thigh

What needles do I need for wegovy?

The Wegovy weight loss pens come with the needle already attached. You should keep the pen cap on until you are ready to inject. Your pen will no longer be sterile if you store it without the cap, if you pull the pen cap off and put it on again, or if the pen cap is missing. This could lead to an infection.

What support will I be offered?

We will not only supply you with medication to control your appetite, we will offer you lots of vital support to help you reach your weight loss goal and live your best life.

We’ve introduced 5 pillars of support to help you to be successful on your weight loss journey and to give you the best possible outcome. These pillars of support will help you change to adopting healthy habits that will enable lifelong success.

Most importantly we will introduce you to our lifestyle coach, who will offer you weekly interactive group coaching sessions to inspire you and to help you overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goal.

This will all be offered at no extra charge!

Send us your email address, to, to be notified when our new holistic weight management service will begin.


    Can you buy Wegovy weight loss pen? in the UK

    Although Wegovy weigh loss pen is not currently available in the UK,  we do have another weight loss option called Saxenda.

    If you want help with you weight loss journey now – Saxenda is you best option

Want to know more about Saxenda weight loss and if it could work for you?

Call our pharmacy team 0161 491 1899.

Your conversation will be in confidence and with discretion..

View Saxenda

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