duac gel 30g

Duac is a once daily treatment for mild to moderate acne.

Combines Benzoyl Peroxide and the topical antibiotic Clindamycin.

Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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What is Duac?

Duac is a treatment for mild to moderate acne. It comes in gel form and contains two main ingredients - clindamycin, an antibiotic; and benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial and keratolytic (peeling) agent. They work together to reduce acne causing bacteria and the benzoyl peroxide reduces blackheads and whiteheads as well as peeling away the dead skin.

How do I use Duac?

Gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser and make sure the skin is completely dry afterward. Apply a small amount of gel, 20 mins after washing, to the entire affected area/s each evening and rub in. If the gel does not easily rub into the skin then you are using too much. You should wash your hands after each application. Allow the gel to dry on the skin, do not wash it off.

Benzoyl peroxide, an active ingredient in Duac, can have a bleaching effect, so avoid getting it on your hair or clothes.

How long will it take to work?

You would expect to see improvement of your acne after 2-5 weeks of daily use, with the maximum benefit being seen in around 8-12 weeks. Treatment should only be continued up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

How do I store Duac?

Before purchase, Duac will be stored in the refrigerator.

If you order 2 x 30g DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL, store one of them in the fridge and the other at room temperature but not above 25 °C.

The first tube should not be used 8 weeks after you have started to use it. If you have any left in the first tube then you should discard it after 8 weeks. Then you can start to use the second tube. This treatment should be used for a maximum of 12 weeks in total at one time.

Are there any side-effects?

During the initial few weeks of treatment, most people will experience an increase in skin peeling and reddening of the affected area. This should lessen over time. Benzoyl Peroxide, one of the main ingredients in Duac, increases your sensitivity to the sun and sunlamps, so excessive or prolonged sun exposure while using Duac should be avoided.

Are there any interactions or contra-indications?

You should not use Duac gel or cream if you think you might be pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Duac should not be used at the same time as products that contain the antibiotic erythromycin, any products applied to the skin that contain tretinoin, isotretinoin or tazarotene. The same applies for medications taken orally that contain isotretinoin (such as the branded product Roaccutane).

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4 April 2022

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