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Period drama on holiday? What would Lady Crawley think...

Posted 20 September 2019 in Womens health

This week’s blog is from our guest blogger Hanna, reminiscing about her summer holiday and how Aunt Flo tried to ruin it.

Summer sunbathingWell we’re into the last days of summer and as I was barbequing at the weekend in my puffy coat and bobble hat (slight exaggeration but I feel the summer’s getting shorter each year), I was wistfully thinking back to my summer holidays…
I’m renowned for leaving everything to the last minute and my holiday plans are no different. Whilst the holiday might have been booked months in advance, the panic buying of hair products, sunscreen and hangover remedies were being done in a supermarket-sweep style rush during my lunch break, on the Friday before we were due to fly. 

Finally, almost packed with over 24 hours to go – the most prepared I’ve ever been for a holiday – I’m just putting together my ‘first aid’ kit; which consists of rehydration sachets, paracetamol and aloe vera, and I find I’m down to my last four contraceptive pills for a fourteen day holiday.

Panic sets in. I’ll be on my next vaycay before I can get an appointment in at my local doctor’s and although these girls on the feminine hygiene adverts look like they’re having a whale of time; plugging their flow and dancing around in white shorts, my monthly experiences are more hormonal, spotty, bloated and all the other side effects that are not conducive to me looking hot in a bikini.

Online ordering again saves the day! And unlike the hoards of dresses that I can’t quite fit in but were too late to return, this online order will be utilised; Norethisterone. Or period delay pills, as they’re more commonly known. Three a day, started three days before you’re due on and you can take them for up to 14 days. It may have been my favourite accessory this holiday. But girls, it does not stop you getting pregnant or contracting any other venereal disease – so ensure you pack the trusty condoms too.

Buy Norethisterone online right here

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