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Diary of a yo-yo dieter - Week 2

Posted 22 July 2020 in Weight Loss

Does Saxenda reduce your appetite?

A food dilemma - caught between healthy options and junk foodIt's been a good start to the weight loss journey using Saxenda. Lost a couple of pounds and managed to reduce my appetite from gargantuan to semi reasonable at meal times.

There is just one little thing which is more of a challenge... I eat when I'm not hungry. All the usual things which will be familiar to some. Here's just a few:

  • It's 11am & I need something with my coffee.
  • I've had a really busy afternoon & I need something to make me feel better.
  • I'm driving home & it will be ages until dinner.
  • I was 'good' at dinner time so I can have something now.
  • Can you add to my list?

Get the picture? This has to be a discussion with my brain to tell it food is not a therapy and I need to manage the emotions which cause me to turn to food for comfort. No appetite suppressant can do this for me but I can do it.

Does the jab help with cravings?

Here's the question my brain has to answer 'Are you really hungry or is it something else?'

I also have a cunning plan to help me to overcome the habits which led me to become overweight in the first place. One step at a time and all that. Replacements. These emotions don't go away overnight so in these moments of madness I need to have a replacement which does not amount to 500-1000 calories.

OK so emotional eating plan in place. Check.

How do I use the pen?

What about Saxenda I hear you ask. It's a doddle and really explicit directions in written form and in video format help enormously. A little daily jab in the soft tissue area and it's all done and you really don't feel a thing.

I didn't feel too much of a difference through this first week but as of yesterday I increased my dose as per the instructions and I can feel a change in my appetite for the better. Who knew I could eat a normal portion and leave a little?

Parting thoughts are that food really isn't a therapy and if you're having some challenging emotions you need to learn to deal with them and until you do- find some lower calorie replacements!

Until next week, take good care x

Some helpful links :-

  1. NHS weight loss plan https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/start-the-nhs-weight-loss-plan/

  2. Saxenda food diary [Adobe PDF,  2MB]

Diary of a yo-yo dieter

Posted 14 July 2020 in Weight Loss

A set of scales being stood on, with HELP! shown on the LCD displayI'm fed up being fat. To be fair, I’m not always fat; I’ve spent my life trying different fad diets and meal plans, with different levels of success. However, since lock down started back in March 2020, I’ve become the heaviest I’ve ever been and it's getting me down now. It's all very understandable; stress with the virus, the speedy adaptation to home working and the never-ending stream of communication from every source and none of it very reassuring.

I said I would gain skills not weight in lock down but that plan didn't happen.

Buy Saxenda from Webmed from only £75 Find out more It's mid July now and I've gained 21lbs. Nothing fits me and I have done the thing I said I would never do and I bought bigger clothes. This only makes me feel more comfortable but it certainly does not make me look any better.

The trouble is I'm a WW Coach- a Weight Watchers Coach... Furloughed due to Covid-19 and not practising any of the key elements of this plan which includes tracking food, moving more and creating the right mindset for weight loss. Spectacular fail after maintaining a steady weight for a long number of years. That's a global pandemic for you!

I tried hard to put some rescue remedy into practise and I joined an online Gym after much persuasion from the owner. Sounded great and I did some of the workouts in my living room with all the furniture moved out of the way. Brilliant! Lost 6lbs in my first week then did my back in moving the furniture back when I was finished one day...

Back to square one eating and drinking my way out of my own misery. I know this is not a solution and will only pave a downwards spiral into more misery and weight gain so I had to do SOMETHING but what?

SaxendaI looked online and found something which might just be the answer-Saxenda. A little helping hand to get me on track to a better way of managing given I already know how to lose weight.

It's day one and I injected myself for the first time this morning-didn't feel a thing which is no surprise as I injected into my stomach area.

So here's to a record of my successful journey where I would like to lose weight, feel better and get some control back because I know I can do it.

Check in next week and I'll let you know how I get on x

Where can I find Saxenda?

Saxenda is usually only prescribed privately as the manufacturer does not intend for it to be promoted within the NHS. (1)

It is now available to purchase from Webmed Pharmacy following a simple online assessment by our Doctors - click here to see your options to buy Saxenda and find out if it's suitable for you.


  1. NICE. Obese, overweight with risk factors: liraglutide (Saxenda) – Estimated impact for the NHS [cited 24 March 2019]. Available at: https://www.nice.org.uk/advice/es14/chapter/Estimated-impact-for-the-NHS

Test for Covid-19

Posted 11 April 2020 in Men's Health, Womens health

Virus White BackgroundThe rate of Covid-19 (coronavirus) infection in the UK continues to increase rapidly every day and so we have introduced a simple swab test that you can perform, in the comfort of your own home, to find out if you have an active current infection.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to the coronavirus due to you having recently travelled to a high-risk country,  you think you may have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19 or you have symptoms then you can test 5 or more days post exposure.

COVID-19 swab test kit

It's a simple swab test  to find out if you have an active infection.

- Swab of the mouth and nose

- Post to lab in a pre-paid envelope

- Results in 48 hrs of the lab receiving the sample

- UK Accredited lab

Symptoms may not appear for up to two weeks after you have become infected with the virus. This means that it is possible to spread the virus without having any symptoms.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

  1. A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  2. A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  3. Fatigue
  4. Shortness of breath

What is the test?

The test involves taking a single combined swab of your mouth and then your nose. The swab is then posted in any post box in a 1st Class pre-paid envelope. Once the test sample reaches the lab we receive the test results within 48 hours.

This swab test is not to be confused with the Chinese Home Rapid Tests that were found to be unreliable and we do not recommend.

Click here to purchase your Covid-19 home test kit.

The test is performed by The Doctors Laboratory, who provide quality UK accredited pathology services worldwide. The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) is a medically-led laboratory, established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.

Important advice for everyone regarding Covid-19 from the NHS https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Written by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 10/04/20

Stay safe when buying medicines online

Posted 4 February 2020 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Womens health

More than fake news

We have all become familiar with the great convenience of purchasing goods online but how safe and reliable can the relatively uncontrolled web be, when it comes to buying medicines?

A question mark made of pillsBuying medicines online, in the comfort of your own home, without having to take time off work or interrupt your busy schedule to visit your GP is a service we would all like to access. It becomes even more attractive if the nature of your treatment is for sensitive or intimate conditions.

Webmed Pharmacy Ltd, a fully approved and Regulated UK Pharmacy, only supply medicines from UK wholesalers.

You can confidentially order by completing a confidential online medical consultation and, if suitable, will be prescribed your treatment by our GMC regulated doctor.

Webmed Pharmacy specialises in treatments where patients may feel embarrassed or awkward talking to their GP; or simply find it difficult to get an appointment; or aren’t able to take time off from work.

We provide a secure next working day delivery; within a 1 hour time slot, to the vast majority of postcodes in the UK. Or you can Click & Collect with a choice of 2,500+ pickup shops.

All our products are delivered in discreet packaging with no mention of the contents or where it is from.

A simple guide of how to check for genuine medicines online 


CQC Regulated LogoAll websites selling prescription medication that is issued by a General Medical Council (GMC) doctor in England, should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC are a government appointed, independent regulator of health and social care. They should have a clickable link that will take you to the CQC register to show you that they are compliant*
*or equivalent regulator in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales


EU Registered PharmacyAll internet pharmacies in the UK must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

GPhC Registered Pharmacy logoTo check if the website is legitimately registered, click on the logos which should take you through to their registers.


With a 5* Trust Pilot score and an out-of-hours service for confidential advice and delivery of test results; we aim to offer an unrivalled personal service when it means the most to you.

We care at Webmed Pharmacy Ltd.

Written by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 03/02/20

Saxenda: the newest recruit into the battle against obesity

Posted 27 December 2019 in Weight Loss

Feet on weighing scales. Source: medicalimages.comObesity is a growing problem in the UK. A quarter of UK adults are obese, and this proportion could rise further with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and readily available cheap, unhealthy food. With many of us moving less due to sitting at desks at work, getting around by car and spending more time on the sofa instead of up and about, we burn fewer calories. Combined with a higher calorific intake thanks to the generally lower cost and greater accessibility of unbalanced ready meals and fast food compared with fresh produce, this equates to weight gain. (1)

Buy Saxenda from Webmed from only £75 FInd out more Most of us know that on a basic level, the key to losing weight is simply eating less and moving more, so that on a daily basis, calories taken in amount to less than calories burnt. But in reality, many factors can stand in the way of this change in lifestyle, including time constraints and lack of motivation. In addition, several medical conditions such as type II diabetes mellitus, pre-diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism, as well as certain medications, can make weight loss harder to achieve. That’s why medical intervention may sometimes be needed. (1)

Until recently, there was only one medication – orlistat – licensed to treat obesity in this country. Orlistat stops around a third of the fat in your diet being absorbed, helping to prevent weight gain. However, unpleasant side effects directly related to this mode of action include oily, loose stools, flatulence, urgency to pass stools more frequently than is normal for you, and an oily rectal discharge. (1)

What is Saxenda and how does it work?

The newest addition to the obesity treatment market is Saxenda, a brand of the medication liraglutide. Liraglutide was originally developed as an anti-diabetic drug and is licensed for this purpose under the name Victoza, at a different strength to Saxenda. Saxenda is available as a pre-filled pen for subcutaneous (under the skin) injection containing 18mg of liraglutide in 3ml of solution. (2)

Liraglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, meaning it acts at the receptor for GLP-1, an appetite-regulating substance naturally produced in the body. The way in which liraglutide interacts with the receptor is currently unclear. (2)

Saxenda is different from weight management products that you may have taken in the past. Saxenda makes you feel full and less hungry, which can help you eat less and reduce your body weight.  It can help you to not only lose weight, but keep it off as well.

Use the Saxenda pen at home or on the go

You can inject your dose in your stomach area (abdomen), upper leg (thigh), or upper arm. However, we would recommend the stomach area as you're less likely to feel it and you have a bigger area to vary where you inject.

Saxenda - self-injectable pen can be used in the upper arm, abdomen or thigh

Who can use Saxenda?

Saxenda is licensed to treat obesity in people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30kg/m2 or higher, or those with a BMI of 27kg/m2 to 30kg/m2 who have one or more of a number of weight-linked health conditions including type II diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia (raised fat or cholesterol levels in the blood), high blood pressure and obstructive sleep apnoea. It should be used in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise. (2)

Children and young people under the age of 18 should not use Saxenda, as it is not yet known how the drug affects this age group. Furthermore, Saxenda should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women due to unknown effects on the foetus or baby. (3)

What is the dose for Saxenda?

When starting Saxenda, the initial dose is 0.6mg daily, injected into the abdomen, front of the thigh or upper arm, but not into a vein or muscle. The dose is increased at least on a weekly basis by a further 0.6mg until the daily dose is 3mg, the maximum recommended daily dose. The reason for this gradual increase in dose is that gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation are very common, especially at the beginning of treatment, so lower doses to start improve tolerability and make it more likely that the patient will continue treatment. If Saxenda is still intolerable two weeks after stepping up to the next dose, treatment should be stopped. (2)

How long before Saxenda starts to work?

Patients using Saxenda can expect to have lost at least 5% of their starting weight once they have been on 3mg daily for twelve weeks, given they have also been consuming fewer calories and increasing exercise. If this hasn’t been achieved, treatment with Saxenda should no longer be continued. (2)

What results have been seen with Saxenda?

Medical studies with more than 3,000 people taking Saxenda were conducted to understand the benefits and risks of Saxenda. The results from the study showed significant weight loss.

Along with a low-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity, some people lost nearly 2.5 times more weight with Saxenda versus placebo (17.3 lb vs 7 lb). Study participants had an average starting weight of 234 lb and an average BMI of 38. (3)

In a different 1-year study, most people who stayed on Saxenda kept the weight off. (3)

Can I use Saxenda alongside other medication?

If you take a type of medication for diabetes known as a sulfonylurea (such as gliclazide or glimepiride), the dose may need to be adjusted while you use Saxenda to reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). (4)

If you use Victoza for diabetes you should not use Saxenda at the same time. This is because they both contain liraglutide, so using them together will lead to overdose.

Patients taking warfarin or other anticoagulants may need to have more frequent tests to monitor how long it takes their blood to clot. (4)

Where can I find Saxenda?

Saxenda is usually only prescribed privately as the manufacturer does not intend for it to be promoted within the NHS. (5)

It is now available to purchase from Webmed Pharmacy following a simple online assessment by our Doctors - click here to see your options to buy Saxenda and find out if it's suitable for you.


  1. NHS. Obesity – Overview [cited 24 March 2019]. Available at: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/obesity/
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Gabby Gallaher MPharm

Medically reviewed by
Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons) MRPharmS
27 December 2019

The best delivery service in the UK.

Posted 22 November 2019 in Allergies, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Weight Loss, Womens health

All of our treatments and tests are guaranteed next working day delivery in a 1 hour time slot by dpd to all mainland UK*.

DPD update

Predict & Follow my parcel

dpd are our preferred carrier with their industry-leading predict and follow my parcel service. With this service you will receive a message via your chosen method, SMS or email at approximately 8am, on the day of delivery giving you your one hour delivery window. It also allows you in real time map to track the progress of your parcel all the way down to a 15 minute window so you don’t have to wait in all day.

In-flight options

If you are not going to be home, you will be offered other options:

On the day you place your order you will receive a confirmation message by your chosen method, giving you the option to divert your parcel to the nearest dpd Pickup Shop. This could be close to home, or work or on your journey and many of the stores have extended opening times.

Divert to a Pickup Shop is also available at checkout. All deliveries must be signed for unless you ask for it to be left in a safe place (includes posting through your letterbox) where you will be asked to accept a disclaimer.

All of this excellent service is included within your price. No hidden extras at the checkout.

Webmed use dpd as our preferred courier to deliver to all mainland UK*.
*Excluding the Scottish Highlands and islands where we use Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Discrete packaging

At Webmed one of our most popular FAQ’s is what sort of packaging will it come in?

We understand the need for discreet packaging and there is no mention of what’s inside or where its from. Here is a picture of a typical dpd Expresspak bag used.

DPD packaging

DPD are the 'delivery company of choice' for the biggest and best-known retailers and are the UK's number one next-day specialist.

Today in the UK, DPD delivers over 200 million parcels a year, employs over 12,000 people  and operates more than 7,000 vehicles from 65 locations.


Saturday and Sunday deliveries

At checkout we offer the option for Saturday or Sunday delivery to all mainland UK (except the Scottish Highlands and islands) by dpd for just a small cost of only £2.00.

For the Scottish Highlands, Northern Island, Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man we use Royal Mail Special Delivery offering a Saturday delivery for £4.00.

DPD Innovations

dpd have led the way with innovative technology including the “Your dpd App”, now used by more than 3.5million people.

dpd’s new £150m hub

Work is well underway on a new state-of-the-art hub in Hinkley, Leicestershire which is equivalent to 22 football pitches. Making it the largest parcel hub in Europe.

dpd Opens electric vehicle hub in central London

October 2018 saw the opening of dpd’s first all-electric vehicle depot in Westminster which will be delivering up to 2,000 parcels. They are using a fleet of 10 Nissan eNV200 all-electric vans for the last mile delivery which have a capability of making 120 drops per day. They plan to have 550 electric vehicles by 2021.

Webmed Pharmacy uses dpd as we want to offer our customers the best delivery service in the UK.

Cuts to sexual health service budgets – the rise of home testing and treatment

Posted 8 November 2019 in Sexual Health

A pipette dripping blue chemicals into a test tube of yellow chemicals. Source: medicalimages.comIn recent years, the government has cut funds for public health services across the country. One of the most drastically affected areas is sexual health – between 2016/17 and 2017/18, the budget for sexual health services provided by local authorities was slashed by around 30%. (1)

This has led to the closure of several sexual health clinics nationwide. For the general public, this means more people will be looking at STI home testing and treatment as an option.

What is the difference between STIs and STDs?

In recent decades, there has been a shift from referring to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) towards referring to STIs (sexually transmitted infections) - in fact, the NHS website refers solely to STIs, with no mention of STDs at all.

This is because not only does the word ‘disease’ hold more grave connotations, but ‘infection’ is the more accurate description since many cases of STIs experience no symptoms, contradicting the image of illness that ‘disease’ implies.

Furthermore, the infection leads to the potential disease, and the infection (not the disease) is what is transmitted from one person to another. For example, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a disease which can occur as a result of infection with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). AIDS itself cannot be transmitted from one person to another, despite reference in society and popular culture.

What happens at a sexual health clinic?

You’ll be asked a few questions about your sexual history, medication and medical conditions. This is to make sure you receive the medication that is the most appropriate for you, if you need it.

A sample may then be taken. The type of sample depends on the STI being tested for and can be in the form of urine, a swab of the urethra (the tube through which urine flows from the body), a vaginal swab, a swab from a genital sore, or blood. HIV results may be available instantly but urine and swab samples may need to be sent off to a lab, so the results will be available after a week or two. Dependent on this, you may then receive antibiotic or antiviral treatment. The service is provided confidentially, so your details are kept private and your GP won’t be informed unless you want them to be. (2)

Where can I get a home testing or treatment pack?

Because more and more sexual health clinics are closing, alternative sources of testing and treatment will experience increased demand, including online pharmacies.

At Webmed Pharmacy we offer confidential testing and treatment for a range of STIs, as can be found here.

Below are some examples of STIs for which treatment can be purchased online:


What’s the test for chlamydia?

Testing for chlamydia involves either taking a sample of urine for men, and a vaginal swab sample for women. (3)

What’s the home treatment for chlamydia?

The first line (ideal) treatment for chlamydia is an antibiotic called doxycycline. The course lasts for a week. (4)

Is the home treatment for chlamydia the same as I would get at a clinic?

Yes. Sexual health clinics, GPs and online pharmacies all follow the same guidelines. The guidelines are those issued by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, BASHH.


What’s the test for gonorrhoea?

For men, either a urine sample or a swab of the urethra. For women, a vaginal or cervical swab, and sometimes a swab of the urethra. (5)

At Webmed Pharmacy it’s a urine sample for men and a swab sample for women.

What’s the home treatment for gonorrhoea?

The home treatment is a combination of two different antibiotics, azithromycin and cefixime (Suprax), all taken as a single dose.

Is the home treatment for gonorrhoea the same as I would get at a clinic?

No, because the first line treatment for gonorrhoea is an antibiotic injection into the buttock or thigh, a procedure which is not suitable for home treatment. The home treatment is the second line. (6)


What’s the test for trichomoniasis?

In a sexual health clinic, the healthcare professional will usually examine the area for symptoms, then take a vaginal swab for women, and either a swab of the penis or a urine sample for men. (7)

The home test involves taking either a vaginal swab for women, or a urine sample for men.

What’s the home treatment for trichomoniasis?

The treatment is a course of an antibiotic called metronidazole, either taken as a 2g single dose or as a five-day course. (8)

Is the home treatment for trichomoniasis the same as I would get at a clinic?

Yes. Sexual health clinics, GPs and online pharmacies all follow the same guidelines.

Genital herpes

What’s the test for genital herpes?

Testing is undertaken in a sexual health clinic or GP surgery. It involves taking a swab of a genital sore. If no sores are present, the test can’t be carried out. (9)

What’s the home treatment for genital herpes?

Treatment does not cure genital herpes, but it can help to clear up an outbreak of sores. A five-day course of an antiviral, either aciclovir or valaciclovir, is taken. (9)

Is the home treatment for genital herpes the same as I would get at a clinic?

Yes. Sexual health clinics, GPs and online pharmacies all follow the same guidelines.

Genital warts

What’s the test for genital warts?

Testing for genital warts is done at a sexual health clinic or at your GP surgery. Diagnosis is in the form of an examination of the area. (10)

What’s the home treatment for genital warts?

Imiquimod (Aldara) cream can be used for any type of external genital warts – soft or hard, and in the genital or anal area. It is applied three times weekly for several weeks until warts have cleared. (11)

Podophyllotoxin (Warticon) is an alternative that comes as a cream or a topical solution. It can only be used on external soft warts of the genital area. It is applied for three consecutive days each week for a total of four weeks. (11)

Is the home treatment for genital warts the same as I would get at a clinic?

It depends on several factors, including how big your warts are and where they are positioned. A doctor or nurse may freeze, cut, burn or laser the warts off if topical treatments aren’t suitable or haven’t worked. (10)

How quickly can I get a test kit delivered?

If you order before 4pm Monday to Friday, then your test kit will be delivered the next working day by tracked delivery. The packaging is very discreet with no mention of the contents or who it’s from.

How quickly will I receive my test results?

The time taken for test results varies according to the test ordered.

For HIV lab tests we receive the results within 24 hours of the lab receiving your test sample.

For most other tests we receive results within 48 hours of the lab receiving your test sample.

What are the advantages of ordering online?

The advantages of ordering from us at Webmed Pharmacy are that you can order and test in the comfort of your own home at a time that is most suitable to you and receive your test results much quicker than you would from a sexual health clinic. It also saves the embarrassment of having to attend a clinic if you can still find one that’s near to where you live or work with all the recent cut-backs.  


  1. British Medical Association. Feeling the squeeze: The local impact of cuts to public health budgets in England [cited 9 October 2019]. Available at: https://www.bma.org.uk/-/media/files/pdfs/collective%20voice/policy%20research/public%20and%20population%20health/public-health-budgets-feeling-the-squeeze-briefing-march-2018.pdf?la=en

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    Gabby Gallagher MPharm

    Medically reviewed by
    Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons) MRPharmS
     6th November 2019

Period drama on holiday? What would Lady Crawley think...

Posted 20 September 2019 in Womens health

This week’s blog is from our guest blogger Hanna, reminiscing about her summer holiday and how Aunt Flo tried to ruin it.

Summer sunbathingWell we’re into the last days of summer and as I was barbequing at the weekend in my puffy coat and bobble hat (slight exaggeration but I feel the summer’s getting shorter each year), I was wistfully thinking back to my summer holidays…
I’m renowned for leaving everything to the last minute and my holiday plans are no different. Whilst the holiday might have been booked months in advance, the panic buying of hair products, sunscreen and hangover remedies were being done in a supermarket-sweep style rush during my lunch break, on the Friday before we were due to fly. 

Finally, almost packed with over 24 hours to go – the most prepared I’ve ever been for a holiday – I’m just putting together my ‘first aid’ kit; which consists of rehydration sachets, paracetamol and aloe vera, and I find I’m down to my last four contraceptive pills for a fourteen day holiday.

Panic sets in. I’ll be on my next vaycay before I can get an appointment in at my local doctor’s and although these girls on the feminine hygiene adverts look like they’re having a whale of time; plugging their flow and dancing around in white shorts, my monthly experiences are more hormonal, spotty, bloated and all the other side effects that are not conducive to me looking hot in a bikini.

Online ordering again saves the day! And unlike the hoards of dresses that I can’t quite fit in but were too late to return, this online order will be utilised; Norethisterone. Or period delay pills, as they’re more commonly known. Three a day, started three days before you’re due on and you can take them for up to 14 days. It may have been my favourite accessory this holiday. But girls, it does not stop you getting pregnant or contracting any other venereal disease – so ensure you pack the trusty condoms too.

Buy Norethisterone online right here

#perioddelay #supermarketsweep #holidayblues

What's happened to Aindeem?

Posted 19 September 2019 in Hair Loss

Aindeem and Finasteride boxesIt’s annoying and frustrating when your favourite brand of aftershave, perfume or cosmetics is discontinued by the manufacturer and you have to change to another brand.

It’s even more disappointing and worrying when your trusted brand of medication is no longer available.

Actavis, who make the Aindeem brand of finasteride 1mg tablets have been acquired by Accord.

Accord are now manufacturing the finasteride 1mg tablets to the exact same recipe that Actavis did.

This means that all the same excipients (the inactive ingredients) used to make the Aindeem brand are being used to make the Accord brand. Each Accord tablet contains 1mg of Finasteride just like Aindeem brand.

Therefore, the tablets will be exactly the same.

The only difference is that they will now be branded “Accord” instead of “Aindeem”.

However, we understand that when our customers are taking a hair loss product that they have  confidence in and faith that it works, that they don’t want to switch to another product that they fear may not produce the same successful results.

Please be assured that the new Accord brand will produce the exact same results for you as the Aindeem brand.

When our current stock of the Aindeem brand runs out we will be supplying the Accord brand.

The advantage to you is that you will now pay less for the same tablets.

Other generic manufacturers of Finasteride may use different excipients and so they will not be exactly the same but should produce the same effect. The best way to check is to consult the patient information leaflet.

We believe in giving our customers a choice, so we will not only be stocking the Accord brand but also another generic brand that will be more competitively priced.

Don't forget to check out the Total Scalp Care page for shampoo, conditioner and Regaine Solution or Foam  at discounted prices.

Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons) MRPharmS
 19th September 2019

What are the best value erectile dysfunction pills?

Posted 19 September 2019 in Erectile Dysfunction

A triumphant manThe cheapest erectile dysfunction (ED) pills are generic Viagra, called Sildenafil.

What is a generic drug?

The term "generic" refers to the active ingredient of a medicine or drug rather than to the advertised brand name under which the medicine is sold. It is a term referring to any drug marketed under its chemical name without advertising.

Pfizer made the original Viagra tablet that is often referred to as the “blue pill”. The patent expired in 2013 which then allowed other pharmaceutical manufactures to make a generic version under the name of the active ingredient called Sildenafil. They are exactly the same medically and perform in the same way with the same side-effects.

As with most branded products, Viagra is sold at a higher price, therefore the generic tablets sold as Sildenafil are much cheaper.

What is the difference between generic and branded drugs?

Medically there is no difference between a generic medicine and the branded medicine, as they both have the same active ingredients to make them perform in the same way. They only differ in the “bulking” agents used to fill the tablet as the amount of active ingredient required, in this case Sildenafil, is very small. This makes the tablets bigger and easier to handle.

The main difference between generic and branded named prescription medicines is cost with generics being much cheaper

Every pharmacy can choose what price they sell at, as there are no fixed prices. It will depend on what price the pharmacy can buy the drug from the wholesaler and the cost of their own overheads. They can they decide what mark-up they require and some pharmacies choose to sell some products at higher prices.  

At Webmed pharmacy we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, without compromising the quality of service, as we are the only online pharmacy to offer dpd courier guaranteed next working day as standard.

We offer a very fast, confidential and discreet service that is  fully approved and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

A large proportion of our sales are made up of returning customers as they have been delighted with our service.

What is the best brand of sildenafil?

When you choose to buy any prescription medication online, you must first of check that the pharmacy is fully approved and Regulated with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

All pharmacies using a UK General Medical Council, GMC, registered doctor to prescribe their medicines will also be registered with the UK government Agency the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Those online pharmacies who are not registered with the CQC either use pharmacist prescribers or foreign doctors.

You will then know and have the confidence that all the Sildenafil brands being offered are genuine and will work in the same way. All the pharmaceutical companies are inspected by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to ensure they manufacturer the drugs to the same quality standard. This means that the key ingredient that is referred to as the “active” ingredient is exactly the same in all brands.

The other inactive ingredients that make up the bulk of the tablet are called “excipients” and can vary.

For those people who are allergic to or have an intolerance to lactose, then the Mylan brand of Sildenafil is ideal for you as it is lactose free. You can check the additional excipients on the patient information leaflet supplied with your tablets.

Although medically all the generic Sildenafil tablets are identical, they may look different as they can vary in colour, shape and size due to the varying excipients.

The patent for Viagra, owned by Pfizer, expired in July 2013, which then allowed other pharmaceutical companies to produce generic Sildenafil. There are a number of companies now manufacturing generic Sildenafil which include Accord, Ajanta, Dr Reddy’s, Mylan, Teva, Torrent and Zentiva. Even Pfizer make a cheaper generic Sildenafil that they sell cheaper than Viagra although generally more expensive than the equivalent generic brands. 

Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons) MRPharmS
 19th September 2019

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