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Spring Bank Holiday opening hours and last order dates

Posted 21 May 2024 in Allergies, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Weight Loss, Womens health

A quick reminder that Thursday 23rd May up to 4pm is the latest time to place an order for treatments to guarantee free delivery before the Spring Bank Holiday.

Order on Friday before 4pm and you can get delivery on Saturday 25th May for just £4, otherwise deliveries will be on Tuesday 28th May. (Royal Mail Special Delivery for Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands £5).

Any orders placed after 4pm on Friday 24th May will be processed and dispatched for delivery on Wednesday 29th May.

Our pharmacy will be closed from 5pm on Friday 24th May until 9am on Tuesday 28th May.

STI Testing

The testing Lab is open 365 days a year, but dpd and Royal Mail are closed on Bank Holidays and this determines when your sample arrives at the Lab.

The last day for you to post your sample to the Lab is Wednesday 22nd May, to get your test results before the Early May Bank Holiday.

Don’t post any samples to the Lab from Saturday 25th May until the morning of Tuesday 28th May when normal service resumes.

Have a great Spring Bank Holiday from all the team at WebMed.

Are you buying fake medicines online?

Posted 12 December 2023 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Weight Loss

We have all become familiar with the great convenience and ease of buying goods online but what about when it comes to medicines?

Buying medicines online, in the comfort of your own home, without having to take time off work or interrupt your busy schedule to visit your GP is a service we would all like to access. It becomes even more attractive if the nature of your treatment is for sensitive or intimate conditions.

But it is critical to make thorough and proper checks before making any online pharmaceutical purchases.  The risks associated with ordering meds online without due diligence are too significant to ignore.

How do you know if you are buying genuine medicines from a reputable registered seller?

It is illegal to buy any prescription only medicine unless a doctor has written a prescription specifically for you.

If a website or any seller is willing to sell a prescription only medicine without a prescription, it should be red flagged and don't buy! Avoid such platforms as they may be operating illegally and compromising your health.

How can you check that the website you want to use to obtain medicines is a legitimate online pharmacy?

All websites selling prescription medication in England should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who are a government appointed independent regulator of health and social care.

CQC Regulated LogoAll fully approved and regulated websites should have a clickable link that will take you to the CQC register to show that they are compliant. Antrobus Medical Limited is the prescribing body for WebMed Pharmacy Ltd.

All medicines supplied from a pharmacy in Great Britain, including internet pharmacies, and must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and meet their standards.

Again, simply click on the logo which should take you through to that particular pharmacy's entry on the GPhC register.

GPhC Registered Pharmacy logo

All websites operating in the UK, but outside of England, must be registered with the equivalent body in each country: Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, and Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (Northern Ireland).

Therefore, anybody buying medicines from an online pharmacy can check if the pharmacy is legitimately registered by clicking on the logo or going directly to the GPhC website and searching their online register.

What other checks can be made?

For Data Security and Privacy

Always look for secure payment options, SSL encryption. A secure URL should begin with https rather than http. The "S" stands for secure.

Reviewing customer feedback

Whilst they can be manipulated, customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous customers.

Click here for WebMed Pharmacy Trustpilot reviews.

You should be able to easily find the name, address and telephone number. An online supplier who conceals its physical address is a warning sign that their products could be dangerous.

When you order any medication from our UK registered and regulated pharmacy you can be assured that you are doing so safely, legally and discreetly.

It is important to avoid drug interactions. A significant risk of ordering medications online without proper checks is the potential for harmful drug interactions. Some drugs can have adverse effects when taken together or when interacting with certain medical conditions. A licensed healthcare provider is trained to consider these factors, whereas an unlicenced online platform might not provide the necessary guidance.

WebMed Pharmacy Ltd is fully approved and regulated, and only supplies medicines from a MHRA accredited wholesaler. You can confidently order from us, knowing that you can complete an online medical questionnaire in the comfort of your own home and if suitable can be prescribed by our GMC regulated doctor.

At WebMed Pharmacy Ltd we provide a confidential, discreet next working day delivery of your chosen medication, within a 1-hour time slot to the vast majority of postcodes in the UK or Click & Collect from a store near you, with a choice of 6,500+ pickup shops nationwide.

In conclusion, the convenience of ordering medications online should not come at the cost of your health and safety. Doing the correct checks before making any online medication purchase is not only prudent but a critical step to safeguarding your well-being.

Quick easy links to our most popular pages with the confidence of knowing we are a fully approved and regulated pharmacy, only supplying UK sourced medication:

Weight Loss

Erectile dysfunction | Sildenafil | Tadalafil

Gonorrhoea treatment | Chlamydia treatment

Hair Loss treatment | Finasteride

STI Tests | HIV Test Kits

Medically reviewed by: Super intendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 17 March 2016 
Updated and reviewed 2 May 2017
Updated and reviewed 27 February 2021
Updated and reviewed 8 December 2023

How to get your erection online

Posted 17 February 2022 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health

Blue pills with the male gender symbolErectile Dysfunction (or ED) is a challenge faced by many men at some point in their lives, and shouldn’t get in the way of you having fun with your partner.

You don’t need to miss out on the joy of sex because you don’t relish the idea of discussing your erections with your doctor. There is now a safe way to get treatment for erectile dysfunction from a fully registered online pharmacy in the U.K which employs its own in house doctors.

Get your prescription from a registered doctor based in the U.K without leaving home.

Here at Webmed Pharmacy, we specialise in helping people with conditions they may feel embarrassed talking about. We designed our family business to offer discreet support you can access remotely. Most of the time, you’ll simply complete a medical consultation questionnaire that will be reviewed by our U.K registered doctors (to make sure you’re getting the right treatment) before we dispatch your medication for next day delivery.

Get discreet next day delivery to a location of your choice

You don’t want to advertise you've just received a delivery from a pharmacy, especially if you're receiving your parcel at work. This is why discreet delivery is really important to us. We deliver in plain DPD delivery bags to a place of your choice (including pick up locations) using the reliable DPD delivery service at no extra cost.

Our delivery is next working day, as long as you order before 4pm (with the exception of weekend orders, which will be processed as if they were ordered on a Monday for Tuesday delivery). You can upgrade on a Friday to a Saturday or Sunday delivery for a small charge.

You can even track your delivery with a one-hour delivery window, that counts down to a 15-minute window as your delivery time approaches.

Now you know how easy it is to order, let’s answer your next question…

Which tablets do I need for a date tomorrow?

The best prescription for you likely depends on what you need, although when you complete the medical consultation questionnaire, our doctor may recommend a different medication for you, so use this as rough guidance.

You’re going out for dinner and you’re hoping you’ll make it to the bedroom afterwards (and enjoy the morning after too).

If you’re eating out, you’ll want to look at Tadalafil (also known by the brand name Cialis).

Tadalafil is one of our customer’s favourites because it is still effective when taken with food and the duration of action is up to 36 hours. This means you can take this on Friday and enjoy your weekend without worrying about having to take it ‘at the right time’.

Buying notes
Cialis is a brand name and is more expensive than buying similar tablets containing the same active ingredient, Tadalafil.

Both Cialis and Tadalafil require a prescription (which we can provide for free)

You’re dating regularly and can predict roughly when you’ll be having sex

Sildenafil (known by the brand name Viagra) starts to work after around 30-60 minutes and lasts roughly 4-6 hours.

It’s a good option if you know you're going to need it, and can take it early enough for it to work.

Just be aware that Sildenafil (Viagra) works best on an empty stomach so you may want to factor that into date night planning.

Buying notes
Viagra is a brand name and is more expensive than buying similar tablets containing the same active ingredient, Sildenafil. Both require a prescription which we can provide online for free.

Viagra Connect works in the same way as Viagra, but does not require a prescription and can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies.

You’re not sure when you’ll be having sex, but you need a fast-acting solution for when you do.

The most recently introduced treatment for ED may be a good fit for you. Spedra has the quickest onset of action and can have the desired effect just 15 mins after taking it.

Spedra contains the active ingredient Avanafil.

You’re anticipating frequent sex (twice a week or more)

There are daily options if you’re frequently sexually active. Tadalafil Daily (and Cialis Daily).

Both of these options have the same active ingredient and work in the same way as the other options, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Take these at the same time each day (but not with grapefruit juice) and you’ll find the low dose builds up over the first five days. After the first five days, you should be able to get a spontaneous erection without prior planning.

If I take ED medication will I have an erection the whole time?

You should only get an erection if you take these tablets as prescribed and you’re sexually aroused. If you find you have an erection and are not sexually aroused, you should call your doctor.

Can I ask your doctor or pharmacist a question?

Absolutely, If you have any questions or doubts about what treatment to take, or what’s best for you, our pharmacists are here to help. You can call us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0161 491 1899.

Start your online medical consultant questionnaire for ED tablets here


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Author: Gemma Boak

Medically reviewed by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 17/02/22 

Why exercising is good for your skin

Posted 2 December 2021 in Men's Health, Womens health

Running up stairs for exerciseWe all know exercise is good for our bodies. But did you know that regular workouts can be anti-ageing too? Read on to explore the many benefits that keeping fit can have on our skin.

Exercising often, whether it’s aerobic, strength, flexibility or balance training has been proven by scientists to reduce the chances of falling ill as well as delaying the signs of ageing. While no lotion or potion can increase longevity and make you look younger at the same time, regular effort and a little sweat can work wonders for your skin’s appearance.

Skin Tone Improvement

A girl pouting in a mirrorExercise can even out skin tone by flushing toxins and calming puffiness. After your liver, the skin is the biggest detoxifying agent in the body. Sweating removes toxins which not only makes you feel better, it rejuvenates your skin. However, be aware that there is some evidence that Bikram yoga and infra-red saunas may actually worsen pigmentation. (

Skin Glow Improvement

We have learnt that exercise promotes healthy circulation which helps clear your skin and keep it vibrant. When we push ourselves to the point of perspiration and looking red in the face – a result of increased blood flow to the dermis - our skin is being sent essential nutrients, hormones and increased oxygen. My clients who exercise regularly have more glow to their skin. Freshly exercised skin has an obvious rosy glow, however, it’s the day following exercise where we see the real benefits that oxygen-rich blood has on our skin.

Acne Improvement

You may have heard the old rumour that acne can be caused by sweat sitting on your skin. The science behind this disagrees: sweat is just a toxin secretion which doesn’t actually clog your pores. Exercise reduces inflammation which is one of the main causes of acne, plus it levels our stress hormone, cortisol, which can also trigger acne flare ups.  So perhaps sweat, or the way we create sweat, has more benefits to our skin than we think.

Exercise has also shown to ease stress: a key trigger of acne and eczema. Although researchers are still investigating the link between stress and skin studies show that sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones.

When we sweat our pores open and release the build-up inside of them. Sweat purges the body of toxins that would otherwise clog up pores and cause blemishes (healthy human, making it helpful in clearing acne.

Skin Ageing Improvement

We all know our skin changes as the years advance, resulting in wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging. After about 40, most of us begin to experience a thickening of our stratum corneum, the outer layer of epidermis, the top layer of the skin. This is the portion of the skin that you see and feel. Composed mostly of dead skin cells and some collagen, it gets drier, flakier and denser with age. At the same time the dermis, which sits below the epidermis, begins to thin. It loses cells and elasticity, giving the skin a more translucent and often saggier appearance (

Scientists have found that men and women who exercise frequently had markedly thinner, healthier strata cornea and thicker dermis layers to their skin. Of course, diet, genes and lifestyle also contribute to the outcomes.

Keeping the skin hydrated

A girl drinking from a water bottle in a gymIt is important to add the unbelievable difference drinking water has to the skin – especially when exercising. It is essential to hydrate before and after exercising, to keep the skin looking smooth and to get rid of the under-eye bags (which are a sure sign of dehydration). After all, our bodies are made up of 75% water so staying hydrated is extremely important.
Article by Holly Mason of The Skin Investment Clinic with contributions from Personal Trainer, Belinda Andrews
T: 07887855539

Why does erectile dysfunction happen?

Posted 13 October 2021 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health

An unhappy couple in bed suffering from erectile dysfunctionBefore you skip straight to wanting a cure for erectile dysfunction, you might be wondering why it’s happening to you. Here we’ll talk through the most common causes.

First thing’s first, you’re not the first and by no means the last to have problems getting or maintaining an erection. Most men will experience it at some point in their lives and it’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

A lot of men put off getting help or treatment (some for around two years), when there are simple and effective erectile dysfunction treatments out there that can help straight away, without you needing a prescription.
Here are some of the causes…


It’s extremely common in men aged between 40 and 70 (though that’s not to say it can’t happen at any age). In fact, just over half of men in this age bracket will suffer from erectile dysfunction to some extent, and 26% of men under the age of 40.

That doesn’t mean you should accept it as a way of life – there are treatments suitable for any age, which we’ll go through later on.


A few simple changes to your lifestyle, for example being more active and changing your diet can all have an effect. It’s also recommended you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week and stop smoking or using recreational drugs. It’s worth checking your BMI and losing weight if needed.

Psychological causes

When erectile dysfunction happens suddenly (and/or only with your partner), it’s often thought to be due to psychological causes.

Stress (could be work, financial or personal issues) can be a trigger, as well as anxiety, depression or an after-effect of sexual abuse in the past or present. If it’s happened once, then you may feel a fear of failure for it happening again.

Physical causes

If erectile dysfunction comes on slowly over time, then there may be an underlying health condition that’s causing it, which your GP can help diagnose.

They will check hormone levels for reduced testosterone and thyroid disorder, and for signs of vasculogenic conditions, for example high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, which can affect blood flow.

It’s worth mentioning that erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign (up to 3 to 5 years) of heart problems.

Other neurogenic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, a stroke or multiple sclerosis can also cause ED.

Side effects from medications/surgery

Certain medications for depression and heart disease are known to cause erectile dysfunction. What’s more, surgery and/or treatment for bladder, prostate and rectal cancers can also have an effect.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

If you identify with any of the above causes, then you may be able to make some simple adjustments to your lifestyle or it may be worth seeking additional advice from a healthcare provider to get to the bottom of it. Bear in mind it can also be a combination of factors.

Buy erectile dysfunction treatment online There are erectile dysfunction tablets available without a prescription. We offer a discreet service with next day delivery – our friendly pharmacist Margaret can help you decide which is best for you.

Or if you prefer to read more about your options first, these may help you decide:

What are the best value erectile dysfunction pills in the U.K?

What’s the best erectile dysfunction treatment: Sildenafil or Tadalafil?

Stay safe when buying medicines online


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Author: Gemma Boak

Medically reviewed by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 13/10/21

Suffering from acne? Here’s how you can treat it and beat it.

Posted 7 June 2021 in Men's Health, Womens health

A girl in a towel squeezing spotsThe topic of acne doesn’t come up in everyday conversations that often, but when you suffer from it, it can be all-consuming and may have a lasting psychological impact.

There are acne treatments out there.

There’s no need to carry on suffering in silence.

A study showed that 54% of UK adults who experienced acne feel it affected their self-confidence[1], and 34% didn’t know what effective treatments there are for it.

The thing about acne is that while there’s no cure, you can control it with topical treatments and/or oral medication.[2]

What causes it?

It can affect you at any point, but 95% of people develop acne aged 11 to 30.[3] Whether you’re going through puberty or you’re an adult, hormone levels may be the culprit.

Acne starts when glands produce more sebum (or oil) than normal. Pore linings then become thicker and dead skin cells aren’t shed properly, causing follicles to become blocked. With a build-up of oil and bacteria, your skin becomes inflamed forming blackheads, whiteheads and/or papules (small red bumps), pustules (pus-filled spots), nodules or cysts.

Women are more likely to develop acne during adulthood - linked to periods, pregnancy or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) - but genetics may also play a part.[4]

What type of acne do you have?

The type of acne you suffer from will determine the best treatment for you. And remember, acne can show up on your back or chest as well as your face.

Comedonal acne – characterised by small, non-inflamed bumps.

Mild acne – you’ll notice mainly whiteheads and/or blackheads with a few papules and pastules.

Moderate acne – you’ll notice lots of blackheads and whiteheads with many papules and pustules.

Severe acne – is characterised by lots of painful papules, pustules, nodules or cysts that can lead to scarring. If you do have severe acne, we recommend getting advice from your GP as topical treatments may not be suitable.

What’s the best acne treatment?

Once you’ve determined the type of acne you have, you can pick from one of the following treatments:

  • Differin, a cream or gel with the active ingredient adapalene is a topical retinoid for comedonal acne. It works by bringing skin turnover under control and reducing inflammation.[5]
  • EpiDuo contains adapalene and benzoyl peroxide to reduce the number of bacteria in mild acne.
  • If you have lots of pustules, then Duac, a topical antibiotic, is the best treatment for inflammatory acne.
  • For moderate acne, there’s a combination treatment of EpiDuo and the oral antibiotic Lymecycline.
Buy your acne treatment FInd out more

Unfortunately, there’s no overnight cure with these treatments - some can take up to eight weeks to begin working, while some may make your acne appear worse before making it better.

The most important thing is to buy your treatments from a trusted supplier so you know that you’re using the most effective treatment for your type of acne and have someone you trust to ask questions.

Margaret, our lead pharmacist is on hand during opening hours to give you advice and support Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Find out more

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How to tackle acne at home

Posted 26 May 2021 in Men's Health, Womens health

A girl with acne on her faceBy Holly Mason, founder of the Skin Investment Clinic, taken from her Ebook ‘Eliminating acne and acne scarring: proven secrets’

Whether you’re 15, 25 or 45, acne is unpleasant. When the pores of the skin become blocked with dead skin cells, grime, dirt, oils and excess sebum it causes pus-filled bumps to appear, which we call acne. These can appear on your face, neck, chest, back, shoulders or arms. Causes of acne include shifting hormones, incorrect skincare, bacteria, inflammation from intolerances or stress, cosmetics, diet and even the wearing of facemasks to help prevent Covid-19. Acne not only affects skin, it can also hugely affect your confidence, so tackling it is important for overall wellbeing too.

Treating acne is a long-term journey which requires patience. But the good news is there are many tricks to try at home or in a clinic which can work wonders on clearing up your skin before heading to the doctor.

Use a mild cleanser

The key word here is mild. It is crucial to wash your face twice a day with a mild, water soluble cleanser to prevent redness, help the skin heal and reduce sebum production. Stay away from bars of soap or aggressive cleansers as they dry out the skin and can block pores. Coarse scrubs can also irritate the skin and make the problem worse. And remember: you can’t scrub away spots and blackheads.

Exfoliate with salicylic acid

This removes dead skin cells and stimulates healthy cell rejuvenation, both on the surface of the skin and in the pores. Salicylic acid also helps with redness and inflammation and fights spot-causing bacteria.

Fight bacteria with benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide comes in solutions ranging from 2.5% to 10% concentration which you can find over the counter at a pharmacy or chemist. Begin with a lower concentration as a lotion containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide will be less irritating to the skin than a solution of 5% or 10% and may be just as effective.  Alternatively, speak with your trusted aesthetic practitioner or dermatologist about chemical peels such as salicylic and azelaic acid which can produce incredible results.

Protect your skin from sun damage

This cannot be emphasised enough: the skin cannot heal spots if it is also fighting sun damage. A good sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 will help spots to heal more quickly and protect the skin from further damage. I recommend using a gel cream as it will not clog pores.

Use a sebum-absorbing clay face mask regularly

It’s important to soak up excess sebum to help prevent future breakouts. I recommend using a natural clay mask which does not irritate or dry the skin too much.Make sure your skincare products do not contain irritating substances such as alcohol. They are very common in sebum-absorbing products for spots but can cause cause a dry, flaky and red skin.

Watch your diet

Good nutrition is key for your skin. As every body is different there is no definitive list of foods that cause acne, but attention can be paid to foods that cause inflammation and so are arguably best avoided. Sugar, dairy and alcohol can trigger inflammation and acne so experimenting with reducing those could help. Always talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin clear and taking in good levels of vitamin A, C and E can also help, so get munching on carrots, mangoes and melon. Antioxidants found in foods such as blueberries, blackberries, goji berries and cherries are great for skin, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids which you can get from animal protein, fish and eggs. Zinc, found in dark chocolate and oysters is a powerful acne-fighting nutrient, and red peppers and watermelons also contain lycopene which reduces inflammation and stimulates cell renewal.

Change your facemask daily

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic acne cases on chins, cheeks and around mouths have become more frequent due to the use of facemasks. This ‘maskne’ is caused by extra heat, friction, moisture and pressure on the face from covering the skin for long periods. This creates the ideal environment for bacteria, yeast and mites to grow while the mask blocks oil glands and hair follicles creating the perfect setting for skin irritation and spots. To avoid ‘maskne’, stay away from heavy make-up (nobody is seeing your lower face anyway), drink a lot of water, try to wear a silk mask if possible and, crucially, wear a clean mask every single day. Although it may be tempting, try to avoid abrasive face scrubs and exfoliants and instead use products that support the skin’s natural protective barrier such as hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea and niacinamide.

Consider clinical treatment

If at-home treatments aren’t producing the results you want, seeing an experienced aesthetic practitioner is a good next step before visiting your GP. Clinical treatments for mild acne include microdermabrasion, vacuum suction and oxygen treatment. These can all help with eliminating blackheads, reducing scarring and improving the look of the skin. For moderate or severe acne, chemical peels can work wonders. Salycylic acid or combination peels can release hardened sebum, calm blemishes, lift dark areas of scarring and exfoliate dead skin cells for a clearer complexion. Photodynamic therapy is another effective method of clearing the pores of skin debris, grime, dirt, oils and excess sebum to leave cleaner, brighter skin.

Find out more

For more information, check out the ebook from Skin Investment Clinic, ‘Eliminating acne and acne scarring: proven secrets’

Click here to view our prescription acne treatments

ACNE: Let's talk about it!

Posted 14 April 2021 in Men's Health, Womens health

By Dr Kate Antrobus, GP and Medical Prescriber at Webmed Pharmacy

A face with acneWe are often led to believe that Acne is a condition that is supposed to affect hormonal teenagers, but in reality, there are so many struggling with this well into adulthood.  It is incredibly distressing, upsetting and frustrating for those affected, and can have a damaging impact on our self-esteem and mental health. 

In a world where social media is so prominent, and we are seeing flawless photoshopped complexions here there and everywhere, and we are spending our lives on video calls to keep in contact with friends and colleagues, we have never been more aware of our own skin. 

See our range of acne treatments Available by free online consultation As a GP, I deal with acne on a day-to-day basis with my patients, and so have lots of experience treating it as a clinician.  However, I also have a personal interest as I too suffered with severe acne when I was 25, having had clear skin throughout my teenage years.

As a result, I have tried almost every treatment we provide at Webmed Pharmacy and therefore have even better insight from a patient perspective too.

My Top Tips for Acne Management

1 - Figure out what type of acne

A chin with severe acneUnfortunately, acne treatment is not one size fits all and varies across the different types.  If you are suffering with mostly blackheads and whiteheads then this is comedonal acne, and you are likely to benefit best from treating with topical retinols or salicylic acid.  If you have inflamed and infected spots with lots of redness and even deep cystic lesions, you will probably need to add in a topical or even oral antibiotic.  If your acne seems be mostly on your cheeks and jawline it may be hormonal, and you might benefit from starting on the oral contraceptive pill.

2 - Avoid 'popping spots'

This is easier said than done, we all know how tempting a big juicy spot can be.  However. Messing around with the inflamed skin will only make it worse, and can lead to scarring, so if you can, let your skin heal without picking or popping.  If you absolutely must and cannot resist, make sure your hands are clean before touching your face, apply a hot compress and pop the tip with a sterilised pin and push gently from the sides to release the pus.

3 - Avoid touching your face

It is amazing how much we all do this without thinking, multiple times an hour.  It goes without saying that our hands are full of germs and bacteria and touching already inflamed skin with them is just going to make the situation worse.  The same goes for anything that touches your face regularly, such as your mobile phone or a desktop phone at work, make sure to regularly clean these down.

4 - Wash your make up brushes regularly

In the same vein as the point above, make up brushes and sponge, and facial flannels or towels can all make acne much worse. Not only do they pick up oil and dirt off the skin, they can harbour incredible amounts of bacteria.  To protect your skin, I would advise washing your brushes once a week.  No need for expensive kits or solutions, luke warm water and baby shampoo will work perfectly, just make sure you rinse thoroughly and dry well before use.

5 - Use the right SPF

SPF is essential to protect your skin, we all know this, and of course I suggest adding it into your daily skincare regime.  However, it is important that you choose one that is not going to make your skin worse.  Luckily there are hundreds of affordable products out there which will do just this.  Oily and greasy sun creams can clog pores and make acne worse, so look for either oil free or labelled ‘non-comedogenic’ so you can protect your face safely from those harmful UVA and UVB rays.

6 - Don't exfoliate excessively

When we have inflamed skin, it can be very tempting to exfoliate every day in an attempt to scrub the top layer of skin cells away in the hope it helps the skin heal and removes the grime and dirt.  However, this can actually be more harmful and helpful in most cases, and can cause more inflammation and even sometimes increase the risk of scarring.  I would suggest exfoliating twice a week is enough for most people.

7 - Moisturise

People with acne often fear moisturiser, thinking it is going to block pores further and exacerbate symptoms.  It is however an important step in any skin care regime, even more so in those with acne who may be using treatments which reduce sebum production which can be very drying.  Look for light or oil free moisturisers instead, and use daily.

8 - Limit hair products

There are so many wonderful hair products available these days, from hair masks and oils to scalp treatments, all promising stronger and healthier hair growth.  Whilst these can be great in the right person, if you are prone to acne, they are not for you.  Treatments on the scalp and hair will no doubt end up on the face, and will definitely make acne worse.  In the same thread if you have a fringe or layers framing your face, make sure you keep it back with a clip or headband as much as possible to avoid excess oil and dirt on the skin.

9 - Beware of expensive products

There are thousands of products out there claiming to banish blemishes and it is easy to get sucked into the promise of clear skin.  There is no need to pay excessive amounts for good skincare, often you can find what you need on the supermarket shelves.  Having a good routine is key with a twice daily cleanse and light moisturise, additional products can help depending on your skin type.

10 - Be patient

When treating acne, it takes several weeks to see results.  This can be frustrating and upsetting, especially when we are so desperate to see positive changes.  The skin takes time to heal, and we are not going to see results overnight.  When trying new treatments, you need to give it on average 6-8 weeks to know whether it has worked for you or not.


In today’s world almost every case of acne is treatable. There are lots of products and medicines available, and many knowledgeable clinicians out there to help.

Online treatments and pharmacies are very useful, but if your acne is severe, you should be seeing a GP or Dermatologist face to face.

If any of the below are true I would suggest booking an appointment to see your GP:

  • Scarring or darkening of your skin
  • Acne affecting your mental health
  • No response to several courses of treatment
  • Find out more

    Explore the range of acne treatments available from Webmed Pharmacy with a free online consultation and free next day delivery.

Stay safe when buying medicines online

Posted 27 February 2021 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Womens health

More than fake news

We have all become familiar with the great convenience of purchasing goods online but how safe and reliable can the relatively uncontrolled web be, when it comes to buying medicines?

A question mark made of pillsBuying medicines online, in the comfort of your own home, without having to take time off work or interrupt your busy schedule to visit your GP is a service we would all like to access. It becomes even more attractive if the nature of your treatment is for sensitive or intimate conditions.

Webmed Pharmacy Ltd, a fully approved and Regulated UK Pharmacy, only supply medicines from UK wholesalers.

You can confidentially order by completing a confidential online medical consultation and, if suitable, will be prescribed your treatment by our GMC regulated doctor.

Webmed Pharmacy specialises in treatments where patients may feel embarrassed or awkward talking to their GP; or simply find it difficult to get an appointment; or aren’t able to take time off from work.

We provide a secure next working day delivery; within a 1 hour time slot, to the vast majority of postcodes in the UK. Or you can Click & Collect with a choice of 4,500+ pickup shops.

All our products are delivered in discreet packaging with no mention of the contents or where it is from.

A simple guide of how to check for genuine medicines online 


CQC Regulated LogoAll websites selling prescription medication that is issued by a General Medical Council (GMC) doctor in England, should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC are a government appointed, independent regulator of health and social care. They should have a clickable link that will take you to the CQC register to show you that they are compliant*
*or equivalent regulator in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales


GPhC Registered Pharmacy logoTo check if the website is legitimately registered, click on the logos which should take you through to their registers.


With a 5* Trust Pilot score and an out-of-hours service for confidential advice and delivery of test results; we aim to offer an unrivalled personal service when it means the most to you.

We care at Webmed Pharmacy Ltd.

Written by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 03/02/20

Updated and reviewed 27/02/21

Don’t ignore erectile dysfunction! It’s treatable and you can even get treatment from a U.K. registered doctor online.

Posted 11 December 2020 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health, Sexual Health

A happy man and his partner about to take ED medication for a night of pleasureAs we settle into another lockdown you may be wondering how you can spend your Friday nights now your favourite pubs and restaurants are shut.

One of the most fun replacements we can think of is to enjoy spending quality time with your partner in the bedroom. And while having an early night might be tempting if you’re overrun with kids, we’re talking about sex.

But what if sex is the cause of a great deal of anxiety? The great news is that if you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, there are lots of things you can do to get your confidence (and your sex life) back on track.

More men are familiar with ED than they’re letting on

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. Erectile dysfunction is something that affects more than half…yes half of men over the age of 40. (1)

So why are you not chatting about this at the bar with your mates?

Don’t worry, we know the answer already. It’s embarrassing, frustrating and it can be depressing. And because we know how you feel, we have developed a service that takes all of the embarrassment out of treating your erection problems (but more on that later).

Medications used to treat erectile dysfunction help by improving blood flow to your penis when you get sexually excited. This helps whether you are simply ‘a bit soft’ or you lose your erection part way through sexual playtime.

Common causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom of another condition, which is why it’s important to see your G.P. as soon as you are able to.

The main culprits are:

  • Physical problems which cause narrowing of the blood vessels going to the penis. This can be associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Physical injury and hormonal problems can also cause this.
  • Psychological factors include stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems.
  • Side-effects of other medications including those for high blood pressure, prostate problems, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety. You can find out more about specific medications here.
  • Lifestyle can also contribute to ED, so if you’re overweight, smoke, drink excessively or take recreational drugs, you are more likely to suffer from these symptoms.(2)

Buying Viagra online in the UK

Viagra is one of the more well known erectile dysfunction drugs but what you might not know is that Viagra is actually a brand name.

Sildenafil is the active component in Viagra, and since the patent (legal property of the formula and manufacturing rights) expired, you can now buy Sildenafil much more cheaply than you can buy Viagra.

Sildenafil (Viagra) starts to work after around 30-60 minutes and lasts roughly 4-6 hours (3).

It’s a good option if you know you're going to need it, and can take it early enough for it to work. Just be aware that Sildenafil (Viagra) works best on an empty stomach so you may want to factor that into date night planning (we recommend reading the next section about Tadalafil if you're going for a dinner date).

Contrary to what you see in comedy sketches on T.V., you should* only get an erection if you are sexually aroused, so it should be ok to take before bedtime.

Do you need a prescription to buy Sildenafil (Viagra)?

Whether you are buying in person from a pharmacy, or from a GPhC registered online pharmacy like Webmed Pharmacy, some of these tablets require a prescription.

Need a prescription
(we can write you one free of charge) 

  • Sildenafil (25mg, 50mg & 100mg tablets)
  • Viagra (25mg & 100mg) 

Can buy without a prescription

  • Viagra Connect (50mg tablet)

When you order with us, you simply complete an online medical questionnaire so our doctor can assess whether the prescription is suitable for you. The doctor then issues a prescription electronically to our pharmacy where we dispense and deliver it directly to you in anonymous packaging using DPD next working day delivery (or local drop off point).

Buying Tadalafil (Cialis) online in the U.K

Tadalafil works in a similar way to Sildenafil as it increases blood flow to the penis.

Tadalafil is the name of the active component of Cialis, and like with Viagra, Cialis is the brand name and is usually more expensive to purchase.

There are some distinct advantages to using Tadalafil compared to some of the other erectile dysfunction medications out there (it’s certainly one of our favourites) because it does two things that we think are beneficial to many couples.

  1. It is still effective if taken with food, so your dinner date plans can go ahead as scheduled.
  2. The duration of action is up to 36 hours. So you can take this on Friday night, and get your flirt on all weekend without having to worry about taking a tablet ‘at the right time’. For this reason Tadalafil is sometimes referred to as ‘the weekend pill’ (4).

If you like the idea of being able to get an erection whenever you want, you may want to try Tadalafil Daily. This is a lower dose taken on a daily basis so you can be ready for action anytime and any place you choose.

Do you need a prescription to buy Tadalafil (Cialis)?

Whether you are buying in person from a pharmacy or from a GPhC registered online pharmacy like Webmed Pharmacy, all of these tablets require a prescription.

We can write you a prescription for free using our discreet online service.

When you order with us, you simply complete an online medical questionnaire so our doctor can assess whether the medication is suitable for you. The doctor then issues a prescription electronically to our pharmacy where we dispense and deliver it directly to you in anonymous packaging using DPD next working day delivery.

Need a prescription
(we can write you one free of charge) 

  • Tadalfil On Demand (10mg & 20mg tablets) 
  • Tadalafil Daily (2.5mg & 5mg tablets) 
  • Cialis On Demand (10mg & 20mg tablets) 
  • Cialis Daily (2.5mg, 5mg tablets) 

How to buy quality erectile dysfunction tablets online in the U.K. (and avoid illegal and potentially dangerous vendors).

It’s illegal to buy prescription only medicine unless a doctor has written a prescription specifically for you. This may be your G.P. or one of our experienced doctors.

We understand that it can feel embarrassing to have to talk to someone about your experiences which is why we make the process as quick and painless as possible. No face to face consultation is needed, our doctor will assess your suitability from the online medical questionnaire, and if additional clarification is needed you will be asked via the messaging centre on the website.

If you are looking at other online vendors then make sure they are a registered and regulated pharmacy like we are. This means you can know that you are receiving genuine, effective medication which follows the stringent quality testing and safety procedures that medicines in the U.K. must undergo.

Fake medicines are often manufactured to look identical to the genuine article so it is essential you buy E.D. tablets from a trusted vendor. You can find our quality seals, Pharmacy registration information and Quality Care Commision rating on the bottom of every page.

Other articles you may find useful:

*Note: If you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours then you must contact your doctor immediately.


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