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Posted 19 July 2023

Why is there a Worldwide Shortage of Saxenda?

Concerned lady thinking of alternative weight loss treatmentsUnfortunately, there has been a growing concern over the worldwide shortage of Saxenda, a popular prescription medication used for weight management. Saxenda, containing the active ingredient liraglutide, has gained significant recognition as an effective treatment option for individuals struggling to live with obesity. However, the scarcity of this medication has raised questions and caused difficulties for patients and healthcare providers alike. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the global shortage of Saxenda and discuss its implications.

How does Saxenda work?

Alternative weight loss medications Saxenda, developed by Novo Nordisk, is an injectable medication designed to help individuals living with obesity to achieve and maintain weight loss. It works by mimicking a naturally occurring hormone in the body called GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1). By activating specific receptors in the brain, Saxenda helps regulate appetite, leading to reduced food intake and increased satiety. It also delays the time it takes for food to travel through your stomach and so you feel fuller for longer.

What has caused the Worldwide Shortage of Saxenda?

  1. Increased Demand: The primary reason behind the Saxenda shortage is the surge in demand. As the prevalence of obesity continues to rise globally, more individuals are seeking medical intervention to address their weight-related health issues. Social Media has also been responsible for the increased as Media stars have advertised how effective Saxenda has been in helping them lose weight. The increased demand has put a strain on the production and supply chain of Saxenda, making it challenging for Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer, to keep up with the growing needs.
  2. Manufacturing Challenges: Saxenda's manufacturing process is complex and requires stringent quality control measures. Any disruptions in the production line or supply chain can lead to shortages. Manufacturing issues such as raw material shortages, equipment problems, or delays in regulatory approvals can all contribute to the scarcity of Saxenda.
  3. Regulatory Hurdles: Different countries have varying regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products. Obtaining regulatory approvals for Saxenda in certain regions can be time-consuming and complicated. Delays in securing necessary approvals can impact the availability of the medication in those regions, leading to shortages.
  4. Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains across various industries, including pharmaceuticals. Lockdowns, transportation restrictions, and workforce shortages have affected the production and distribution of medications, including Saxenda.

Is there a Potential Solution to the shortage of Saxenda?

To address this issue, collaboration between Novo Nordisk, regulatory bodies, and healthcare providers is crucial. We are being advised that increased investment in manufacturing capacity, diversification of production facilities, and streamlined regulatory processes are being instigated to alleviate the Saxenda shortage. 

How will the supply shortage affect patients already using Saxenda?

The Saxenda shortage has significant implications for individuals who rely on the medication for weight management. Patients may experience challenges in accessing their prescribed treatment, potentially leading to setbacks in their weight loss journey and overall well-being.

Is there a suitable alternative for patients who cannot get Saxenda?

Orlistat tablet boxIn the interim, patients can explore alternative weight management strategies and medications.

The following are possible alternatives to promote weight loss :-
Orlistat, Xenical, Orlos or Alli.

Alternative weight loss medications These medications all contain Orlistat. Orlistat works by reducing the amount of fat absorbed from your food. Clinical studies have shown that you are likely to lose 50% more weight if you use Orlistat alongside dieting.


The worldwide shortage of Saxenda poses a significant challenge for individuals who have been using it to battle obesity and healthcare providers who rely on this medication to manage weight-related health issues. Understanding the causes behind the shortage and working towards collaborative solutions can help mitigate the impact on patients. While the situation is complex, the collective efforts of Novo Nordisk, health regulators, and healthcare professionals can pave the way for a more stable supply of Saxenda and improved access to weight management treatments in the future.

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