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Diary of a yo-yo dieter

Posted 14 July 2020 in Weight Loss

A set of scales being stood on, with HELP! shown on the LCD displayI'm fed up being fat. To be fair, I’m not always fat; I’ve spent my life trying different fad diets and meal plans, with different levels of success. However, since lock down started back in March 2020, I’ve become the heaviest I’ve ever been and it's getting me down now. It's all very understandable; stress with the virus, the speedy adaptation to home working and the never-ending stream of communication from every source and none of it very reassuring.

I said I would gain skills not weight in lock down but that plan didn't happen.

Buy Saxenda from Webmed from only £75 Find out more It's mid July now and I've gained 21lbs. Nothing fits me and I have done the thing I said I would never do and I bought bigger clothes. This only makes me feel more comfortable but it certainly does not make me look any better.

The trouble is I'm a WW Coach- a Weight Watchers Coach... Furloughed due to Covid-19 and not practising any of the key elements of this plan which includes tracking food, moving more and creating the right mindset for weight loss. Spectacular fail after maintaining a steady weight for a long number of years. That's a global pandemic for you!

I tried hard to put some rescue remedy into practise and I joined an online Gym after much persuasion from the owner. Sounded great and I did some of the workouts in my living room with all the furniture moved out of the way. Brilliant! Lost 6lbs in my first week then did my back in moving the furniture back when I was finished one day...

Back to square one eating and drinking my way out of my own misery. I know this is not a solution and will only pave a downwards spiral into more misery and weight gain so I had to do SOMETHING but what?

SaxendaI looked online and found something which might just be the answer-Saxenda. A little helping hand to get me on track to a better way of managing given I already know how to lose weight.

It's day one and I injected myself for the first time this morning-didn't feel a thing which is no surprise as I injected into my stomach area.

So here's to a record of my successful journey where I would like to lose weight, feel better and get some control back because I know I can do it.

Check in next week and I'll let you know how I get on x

Where can I find Saxenda?

Saxenda is usually only prescribed privately as the manufacturer does not intend for it to be promoted within the NHS. (1)

It is now available to purchase from Webmed Pharmacy following a simple online assessment by our Doctors - click here to see your options to buy Saxenda and find out if it's suitable for you.


  1. NICE. Obese, overweight with risk factors: liraglutide (Saxenda) – Estimated impact for the NHS [cited 24 March 2019]. Available at: https://www.nice.org.uk/advice/es14/chapter/Estimated-impact-for-the-NHS

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