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Diary of a yo-yo dieter - Is Saxenda a miracle cure?

Posted 25 September 2020 in Weight Loss

A woman standing on scales, happy with her weight lossRemember me? 

Let's recap a bit...

Like so many people I reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic badly (was there any other way?) by eating and drinking myself into a 21lb weight gain from March 2020. I've been a Coach for WW ( formerly Weight Watchers) so I know a bit about losing weight and keeping it off. I know my default reaction to any signs of stress is to reach for the good stuff like Sauvignon Blanc, gin cocktails and shed loads of calorie filled sugary rubbish but I thought I was over it.

WRONG. I reverted to type and did everything I had been advising myself and everyone else in my WW workshop against for the past umpteen years. Who can blame me, it's a global pandemic and poor me needs to find comfort...

I just could not get out of my self pity to get a grip and manage myself out of the vicious cycle I had created.

I switched on the TV and watched Joe Wicks for inspiration because exercise is the answer. It will help my mental health and will cure my eating addiction. It didn't work so I turned over to YouTube and found some lively dance class which nearly killed me. I even joined an online Gym ( you know where this one is going to go).

Nothing worked as well as I wanted it to so I needed to find the answer which was not in my toolbox. I found Saxenda (an appetite suppressant) which I ordered online and when it arrived I hoped that all my worries and ghastly eating habits were about to end.

I read the instructions carefully and stored the simple to use pens in the fridge which were to be used to inject a little dose of magic into myself everyday to cure me.

Buy Saxenda from Webmed from only £75 Find out more The first week was a breeze as I mastered the technique and gradually could feel my mighty appetite actually reducing! Am I thin yet I kept asking myself-nope not yet! so inject again and maybe tomorrow.

Week 2 saw my portion sizes reduce by half and I had little desire to snack in between meals so I was hopeful.

Ok so heading to week 3 and it was time to step on the scales..

I had lost weight! Hurrah at last my body was behaving and doing what I knew it was capable of all along. I just needed a little help to get me kick started, see some progress and then I would add in the healthy habits I know are needed to continue the journey.

So, while all along you knew that there is no miracle cure for weight loss, what we do need for success is to use all the tools we can get and Saxenda is exactly that! Alongside a healthy eating and exercise programme you can achieve your goals. 

I’m glad to report that I’ve lost 30lbs and feeling better than I’ve done for a long time 😊

Good luck on your journey and remember to be successful you need to use all of the tools available to you and Saxenda is the best tool in your toolbox!


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