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How to get your erection online for date night tomorrow (without leaving home or talking to anyone)

Posted 17 February 2022 in Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health

Blue pills with the male gender symbolErectile Dysfunction (or ED) is a challenge faced by many men at some point in their lives, and shouldn’t get in the way of you having fun with your partner.

You don’t need to miss out on the joy of sex because you don’t relish the idea of discussing your erections with your doctor. There is now a safe way to get treatment for erectile dysfunction from a fully registered online pharmacy in the U.K which employs its own in house doctors.

Get your prescription from a registered doctor based in the U.K without leaving home.

Here at Webmed Pharmacy, we specialise in helping people with conditions they may feel embarrassed talking about. We designed our family business to offer discreet support you can access remotely. Most of the time, you’ll simply complete a medical consultation questionnaire that will be reviewed by our U.K registered doctors (to make sure you’re getting the right treatment) before we dispatch your medication for next day delivery.

Get discreet next day delivery to a location of your choice

You don’t want to advertise you've just received a delivery from a pharmacy, especially if you're receiving your parcel at work. This is why discreet delivery is really important to us. We deliver in plain DPD delivery bags to a place of your choice (including pick up locations) using the reliable DPD delivery service at no extra cost.

Our delivery is next working day, as long as you order before 4pm (with the exception of weekend orders, which will be processed as if they were ordered on a Monday for Tuesday delivery). You can upgrade on a Friday to a Saturday or Sunday delivery for a small charge.

You can even track your delivery with a one-hour delivery window, that counts down to a 15-minute window as your delivery time approaches.

Now you know how easy it is to order, let’s answer your next question…

Which tablets do I need for a date tomorrow?

The best prescription for you likely depends on what you need, although when you complete the medical consultation questionnaire, our doctor may recommend a different medication for you, so use this as rough guidance.

You’re going out for dinner and you’re hoping you’ll make it to the bedroom afterwards (and enjoy the morning after too).

If you’re eating out, you’ll want to look at Tadalafil (also known by the brand name Cialis).

Tadalafil is one of our customer’s favourites because it is still effective when taken with food and the duration of action is up to 36 hours. This means you can take this on Friday and enjoy your weekend without worrying about having to take it ‘at the right time’.

Buying notes
Cialis is a brand name and is more expensive than buying similar tablets containing the same active ingredient, Tadalafil.

Both Cialis and Tadalafil require a prescription (which we can provide for free)

You’re dating regularly and can predict roughly when you’ll be having sex

Sildenafil (known by the brand name Viagra) starts to work after around 30-60 minutes and lasts roughly 4-6 hours.

It’s a good option if you know you're going to need it, and can take it early enough for it to work.

Just be aware that Sildenafil (Viagra) works best on an empty stomach so you may want to factor that into date night planning.

Buying notes
Viagra is a brand name and is more expensive than buying similar tablets containing the same active ingredient, Sildenafil. Both require a prescription which we can provide online for free.

Viagra Connect works in the same way as Viagra, but does not require a prescription and can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies.

You’re not sure when you’ll be having sex, but you need a fast-acting solution for when you do.

The most recently introduced treatment for ED may be a good fit for you. Spedra has the quickest onset of action and can have the desired effect just 15 mins after taking it.

Spedra contains the active ingredient Avanafil.

You’re anticipating frequent sex (twice a week or more)

There are daily options if you’re frequently sexually active. Tadalafil Daily (and Cialis Daily).

Both of these options have the same active ingredient and work in the same way as the other options, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Take these at the same time each day (but not with grapefruit juice) and you’ll find the low dose builds up over the first five days. After the first five days, you should be able to get a spontaneous erection without prior planning.

If I take ED medication will I have an erection the whole time?

You should only get an erection if you take these tablets as prescribed and you’re sexually aroused. If you find you have an erection and are not sexually aroused, you should call your doctor.

Can I ask your doctor or pharmacist a question?

Absolutely, If you have any questions or doubts about what treatment to take, or what’s best for you, our pharmacists are here to help. You can call us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0161 491 1899.

Start your online medical consultant questionnaire for ED tablets here


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Author: Gemma Boak

Medically reviewed by: Superintendent pharmacist Margaret Hudson BSc(Hons)MRPharmS 17/02/22 

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